Financial products are sometimes at their most useful when they are protecting our families, our incomes or our property.

What are the protection options?

All of us appreciate the importance of insuring our property, whether this be buildings, personal items of value or vehicles, but sometimes we overlook protecting ourselves and our families, finances, and businesses against unforeseen events in life.

We can provide you with impartial advice and services tailored to your individual needs.

Importance of a Will

What if I die without making a Will – Rules of Intestacy

If you die without a Will, then the government will decide who will inherit your estate in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy.

These were drawn up in the 1920s, and despite major revisions in 2014, may not accord with your wishes. Depending upon circumstances and the size of your estate, your spouse may end up sharing your assets with your children.

Married partners or civil partners inherit under the Rules of Intestacy only if they are married or in a civil partnership at the time of death. So, if you are divorced or if your civil partnership has been legally ended, you can’t inherit under the Rules of Intestacy.

The full laws of Intestacy depend on which part of the UK you lived in and can be found on the government website.

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