Financial Planning

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Why financial planning is key

It is reassuring to know you have a clear plan for the future. Financial planning can help you organise your finances to make the most of your money and avoid situations you may not have anticipated.Our in-house financial planners are experts at thinking ahead and have long-standing experience of advising individuals, couples and families, companies and trusts. With their guidance, you can have a strategy for whatever life brings.

It is never too soon to plan for later on. By getting you to focus on the lifestyle you want, the income you will need and who might be depending on you, planning can help you and your investment manager to set your investment goals.It gives you peace of mind to know that you have retirement covered, and can help children and grandchildren with expenses like school and university fees and buying a home.

At Pinsa Wealth, we pride ourselves on the friendly and approachable nature of our advisers and staff, and on playing an integral part of the local community.The team at Pinsa Wealth has over 40 years of experience providing practical financial planning advice to people, families and businesses.

Protection advisors on the wirral
Protection advisors on the wirral

Pinsa Wealth prides itself in putting the client first.

We provide advice tailored to each individual client’s needs. Call our friendly team at 0151 372 5500 We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Savings vs Investments

When planning your finances, it is important to distinguish between savings and investments.

The most common way of saving is into a bank account (‘deposit’ account) where the money can be accessed in an emergency, and for every £1 you put in, you will get £1 back and possibly some interest. In other words, the original capital is guaranteed.

Investments are designed to be held for a longer term, usually at least five years. You need to be comfortable with tying up this money for a period of time and should not consider investments unless you have some savings in place. Most investments are not guaranteed to return your money in full, although do offer the prospect of potentially higher returns than deposit accounts. Returns, risk and volatility are the factors that will determine a suitable place for your investments.